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Rebar Contractors

ABC Rebar is a Florida-based rebar placing company, specializing in professional, efficient, and safe installation of reinforcing steel and Post Tension tendons. We do rebar placements for major concrete construction projects across the great state of Florida.

Rebar Reinforcement Installation

Reinforcing Steel embedded in concrete provides the necessary resistance to stresses which arise from flexing and bending, allowing reinforced concrete to be used in many applications. Contact ABC Rebar for more information.

PT cable installation

Post tension cables are used in concrete construction to add strength to thin and long slabs. This allows more span lengths between support columns. Contact ABC Rebar for more information.

Bridge Rebar Installation

 ABC Rebar has provided a wide range of steel rebar, welded wire, and wire mesh products for reinforcing concrete in highway and bridge construction projects. We strive to meet the highest standards possible.

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